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Garden Centre:   Mon - Sat : 8.30 to  5 pm

Cafe:             10:00 to 4.00pm

Sunday :      10.00 to 4.30pm                

In order to make the most of your garden, Valleyside Garden Centre Ltd can supply you with garden sundries and accessories to help make gardening and spending time in your garden less difficult and more relaxing. We are based in Sheffield and are well located for the surrounding areas.


Garden tools looking worse for wear? We can replace them with sturdy new tools. We also provide gardening aids such as fertilizer and compost, including well known brands such as Sinclair's Compost.

Make the most of your garden by using our garden sundries

Our range of garden furniture will suit any taste and any style of garden. We also stock hundreds of containers, such as plastic, terracotta and glazed pots for all your plants, as well as gravels and fencing to complete your garden's look.

Decoration and relaxation

Compost Arthur Bowers, New Horizon &  Levingtons


• FertilisersScotts, Bayers, Growing Success,  Chempak, Maxicrop, Vitax and many more


• Lawn CareEvergreen, Maxicrop, Johnson’s Grass Seed


• ToolsBurgon & Ball, Wolf, Wilkinson Sword, Ambassador,


• Watering EquipmentHozelock, Haws, Greenkey


• Pots & TroughsGlazed, Terracotta, Plastic.


• Propagation EquipmentPropagators, seed trays, grow pots,


• Bird Care Seeds, Nuts, Feeders, Nesting Boxes, Bird Tables


• Plant SupportStakes, poles, netting, fixtures & fittings

List of garden sundries offered:

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