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Garden Centre:   Mon - Sat : 8.30 to  5 pm

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Sunday :      10.00 to 4.30pm                

Hidden behind the terracotta pots are two 15,000l water tanks. We collect and store water off our shop and greenhouse roofs, and use this water for plant irrigation. In addition most of the excess water that is normally wasted during irrigation is collected and recirculated back to the collection tanks

Rain Water Recycling

We are committed to Green Energy @ Valleyside Garden Centre.

In 2013 we installed 78 solar PV panels at Valleyside providing over 60% of our electricity requirements. We are converting all our lighting to energy efficient fluoreecent tubes and LED lights.


Several years ago we installed Biomass Heater to use all our waste wood and some cardboard.


This year we installed a Biomass Hot Air Space Heater that runs off waste wood pellets. This will hopefully heat our main shop area and in doing so stop the use of all gas oil & diesel at Valleyside

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For more information on our Biomass Heater or Solar Panels, call


0114 230 1925

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